A green festival

During Tartu Street Food Festival, we will only serve food and drinks in recyclable or bio-degradable tableware.

Please, when visiting, drop litter into the corresponding garbage bins (bio-degradable tableware should be in the bio waste bin). There are separate garbage bins for bio waste, packaging and domestic waste.

Please keep the festival ground tidy, if the garbage bin is full, find the next one.


A friendly festival

You are coming with children? Keep an eye on them so that large crowds would not scare them, and they won’t get lost! You can enter the festival area with prams and strollers, however, you should take into account other visitors of the festival too.

Visitors with well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome to the festival. A good owner also cleans up after their dog!

Enjoy yourselves and let others enjoy themselves too 🙂 The organisers will ask disrespectful, drunk or aggressive visitors to leave.


An intelligent festival

Organisers of the Festival, and the caterers, cannot guarantee the availability of all foods from the beginning until the end of the festival. Menus may alter during the day, and places may even run out of certain dishes.

At peak hours queues are possible, both when entering and ordering/waiting for food. We kindly ask you to be patient and enjoy your time.

You are coming by bike? Please leave your bike in the parking lot on Riia or Kastani street. Cycling around the festival area is forbidden.